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First Written 2023
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Levine Querido
ISBN-10 1646143035
ISBN-13 978-1646143030
My Copy library copy
First Read December 18, 2023

The Many Assassinations of Samir, the Seller of Dreams

A sweet adventure story for middle grade readers (I think?) set on the Silk Road.

I have only once been tempted to write an actual fiction book. I made myself an outline, I listed out the characters, I wrote myself a little pitch, and I still have the google doc from 2012. It is VERY nearly the structure of this book. Of course I never did the hard part: actually writing anything. Dan Nayeri DID!

It makes me very happy to see this in print, and I really enjoyed it.

Noted on December 19, 2023

"If you want treasure, then here, here is my eye. It doesn't matter to you that I own it. Take it!"

I quickly changed my prayer that the ogre wouldn't remove and eat my master's eye. Gracus glanced sidelong at this enormous gnat that continued to buzz in his ear. Samir pulled down his cheek with a finger to show the curvature of his eye. "By my beard, you can have it. It's juicier than other eyes. It has seen every color and every bride in the caliph's harem."

Gracus smirked. "You don't have a beard," he said.

"Don't be precise, Gracus. There's nothing worse than a scholar in love with his own precision," said Samir.

Quoted on December 19, 2023

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