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Subtitle A Hercule Poirot Mystery
First Written 1927
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Serial
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First Read January 13, 2024

The Big Four

Huh, ok, the Poirot books are... boring? It's kind of cute how proto-man-of-mystery it is, with the international web of criminal master minds. Early Fleming-y!

Noted on January 13, 2024

Then, reverting to animation suddenly, he would shower injunctions and commands upon me, and urge the necessity of constant marconigrams.


Quoted on January 13, 2024

[the evil international organization behind world events, very James Bond] “Are the Big Four a German stunt?"

"The Big Four are for themselves—and for themselves only, M. le Capitaine. Their aim is world domination."

Quoted on January 13, 2024

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