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These Books are in the Genre: Non-fiction

Title Author Year Written

Absence of Mind

Marilynne Robinson 2010

All in the Same Boat

Tom Neale 1997

An Emphatic Umph

Daniel Coffeen 2009

Close to the Machine

Ellen Ullman 1998

England, an Elegy

Roger Scruton 2006

Factory Girls

Leslie T. Chang 2008

Ghetto at the Center of the World

Gordon Mathews 2011

How to Be a Brit

George Mikes 1984

Men Against the Sea

Charles Nordhoff 1934

Mutiny on the Bounty

Charles Nordhoff 1933

No Easy Day

Mark Owen 2012

Our Babies, Ourselves

Meredith Small 1998


Luca Turin 2008

Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

Annie Dillard 1974

Pitcairn's Island

Charles Nordhoff 1936

Shop Craft as Soulcraft

Matthew Crawford 2009

The Lost Tools of Learning

Dorothy Sayers 1947

The Progress Paradox

Gregg Easterbrook 2003

The Whale

Philip Hoare 2010

Watching the English

Kate Fox 2004

What's Wrong with the World

G. K. Chesterton 1910

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