Ex Libris Kirkland

These Books are From China

Title Author Year Written

A Bond Undone

Jin Yong 1957

Age of Ambition

Evan Osnos 2015

A Heart Divided

Jin Yong 1957

A Hero Born

Jin Yong 1957

A Snake Lies Waiting

Jin Yong 1957

China Road

Rob Gifford 2007

Death of a Red Heroine

Qiu Xiaolong 2003

Factory Girls

Leslie T. Chang 2008

I am from Xinjiang on the Silk Road

Kurbanjan Samat 2015

Monkey King

Cheng'en Wu 1592

Tao Te Ching

Lao Tzu -400

The Dark Forest

Cixin Liu 2008

The Selected Poems of Li Po

Li Po 762

The Selected Poems of Tu Fu

Tu Fu 770

The Three Body Problem

Cixin Liu 2008

Travels in the Tian'Shan' 1856-1857

Petr Petrovich Semenov 1857

Wild West China

Christian Tyler 2004

Wolf Totem

Jiang Rong 2004

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