Ex Libris Kirkland

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First Written 1958
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Harper Perennial Modern Classics
ISBN-10 0060528877
ISBN-13 978-0060528874
My Copy library hardback
First Read March 30, 2005

The Wapshot Chronicle

Popular music passed directly from the radio and the bandstand into some retentive space in her memory, leaving a spoor of cheerful if repetitious and sentimental lyrics.

Quoted on December 11, 2010

He would like them to grasp that the unobserved ceremoniousness of his life was a gesture or sacrament toward the excellence and the continuousness of things.

Quoted on December 11, 2010

Ex Libris Kirkland is a super-self-absorbed reading journal made by Matt Kirkland. Copyright © 2001 - .
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