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Subtitle Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
First Written 1981
Genre Business
Origin US
Publisher Penguin
ISBN-10 0140157352
ISBN-13 978-0140157352
My Copy library paperback
First Read August 19, 2011

Getting to Yes

I normally hate this type of business book, but this is a super-practical one, without much fluff. Here's the thesis:
Positional bargaining (where each side takes an extreme position and then gives ground, hoping to reach a reasonable middle) is flawed for most kinds of negotiation. A better solution is to separate the people from the problem at hand, find shared interests and objective standards, and look for creative solutions that can satisfy all parties. This sounds obvious today, but I wonder if it was back in 1981?

Noted on August 30, 2011

I think the best idea in here for me is the BATNA: Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. I've always thought of this as my 'walkaway' alternative, meaning: this is what happens if one of us walks away from the table. The stronger your BATNA, the stronger your position - especially if you're willing to telegraph your situation to the other parties. If you've got a weak BATNA, then perhaps you'd better keep it quiet.

Noted on August 30, 2011

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