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First Written 1998
Genre Non-fiction
Origin US
Publisher Anchor
ISBN-10 0385483627
ISBN-13 978-0385483629
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First Read May 06, 2009

Our Babies, Ourselves

In 1896, Martin Conoey designed the incubator, a device developed to aid premature babies. . . In a bizarre combination of medicine and sideshow, Cooney gathered hundreds of premature babies (they were easy to obtain because doctors assumed premature infants would die), put them into incubators, and exhibited them at various expositions and fairs in America and Europe.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

No one knows how many San still practice hunting and gathering, but clearly the traditional way of living is, for the most part, no more. . . Some might feel a sense of loss for the San way of life, but that would be unfair. All societies change, absorbing the ways of others, and who are we to say that the San must hold on to a lifestyle just because we think it provides clues to the past?
People are not museums.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

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