Ex Libris Kirkland

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Subtitle The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour
First Written 2004
Genre Non-fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Nicholas Brealey Publishing
ISBN-10 1857885082
ISBN-13 978-1857885088
My Copy Library Hardback
First Read March 03, 2009

Watching the English

In fact, the only rule one can identify with any certainty in all this confusion over introductions and greetings is that, to be impeccably English, one must perform these rituals badly. One must appear self-conscious, ill-at-ease, stiff, awkward and, above all, embarrassed. Smoothness, glibness and confidence are inappropriate and un-English. Hesitation, dithering and ineptness are, surprising as it may seem, correct behavior.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

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