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Subtitle A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power
First Written 2007
Genre Travel
Origin China
Publisher Random House Trade Paperbacks
ISBN-10 0812975243
ISBN-13 978-0812975246
My Copy Hardback
First Read January 10, 2009

China Road

China does that to you. You go back to the United States or Europe, and people wonder why you're not jumping up and down with annoyance at some minor noise or irritation, and you look at them and think, What's your problem? We have such low thresholds of annoyance in our cozy Western world. (The danger is, though, that you also forget to fit back into Western ways of, say, road safety or table manners on returning to your homeland.)

Quoted on September 28, 2011

There are nine cities in the United States with more than one million inhabitants. In China there are forty-nine. You can be traveling across China, arrive in a city that is twice the size of Houston, and think, I've never even heard of this place.

Quoted on September 28, 2011

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