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First Written 2011
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Putnam
ISBN-10 0399156828
ISBN-13 978-0399156823
My Copy library hardback
First Read January 01, 2012

Zero History

A totally satisfying addition to Gibson's 'Bigend' series, or whatever he's working on here. Like the two sort-of-connected books before it (the great Pattern Recognition and so-so Spook Country), the most exciting tidbits are where Gibson describes something that exists today and makes it feel like sci-fi.

He's got an attention to detail in interior design and fashion that are thrilling, and the writing is full of fun little bons mots. It's piled with little bons mots, small compressed ideas that stick around and pass into currency. Zero History is a book that really makes me love William Gibson.

Noted on January 2, 2012

Some people, Rausch included, assumed Bigend's interest in the sisters was sexual. But Milgrim, from his intermittently privileged position as Bigend's conversational foil, guessed that not to be the case. Bigend cheerfully squired the twins through London as though they were a pair of tedious but astronomically valuable dogs, the property of someone he wished above most things to favorably impress.

Quoted on January 2, 2012

Heidi, up close, smelled of sweat, airport rage, and musty leather.

Quoted on January 2, 2012

'Well, then,' said Ajay, running his hand through his hair. 'Well, then.' Like a child who'd just been told, in July, that it was actually now, officially, absolutely, Christmas morning.

Quoted on January 2, 2012

[The car] was Japanese, minute, and appeared to have been fathered by a Citro├źn Deux Chevaux, its mother of less distinctive lineage but obviously having attended design school.

Quoted on January 2, 2012

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