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First Written 1985
Genre Fiction
Origin Japan
Publisher Knopf
ISBN-10 0385354304
ISBN-13 978-0385354301
My Copy library paperback
First Read January 03, 2015

The Strange Library

I actually just googled the book finally, and found out that it's not new Murakami, but actually an old short story that was recently published in English for the first time.

Noted on January 9, 2015

I have no idea why this 'novella' exists, except to show off Chip Kidd's collection of hi-resolution ephemera. But I read, and enjoyed it anyway.

Noted on January 9, 2015

At the same time, my anxiety had turned into an anxiety quite lacking in anxiousness. And any anxiety that is not especially anxious is, in the end, an anxiety hardly worth mentioning.

Quoted on January 9, 2015

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