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Subtitle A Memoir with Photographs
Illustrator Sally Mann
First Written 2015
Genre Memoir
Origin US
Publisher Little, Brown and Company
ISBN-10 0316247766
ISBN-13 978-0316247764
My Copy library hardback
First Read August 04, 2016

Hold Still

Memoir and work history by Sally Mann, an amazing photographer. I really only read the chapters Mann has here about working with her children as subjects for her photography. Her work is amazing, of course, but it was great to see a bit of process, and how she would catch a glimmer of a good photo, and then refine until she made the image she wanted. I imagine this could have been slightly harrowing as a child model, but she makes the kids out to be good sports about it. Also, Mann or her book designer did a great job inlining her images - they sit right inline with the text, the way you'd expect them to be in blog post. Contrast this to the crummy 'facing plate' book work that you see in many books about art.

Noted on August 26, 2016

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