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Subtitle A Popular History of the Anabaptists and the Mennonites
First Written 1967
Genre History
Origin US
Publisher Herald Press
My Copy library hardcover
First Read February 12, 2017

An Introduction to Mennonite History

I'm married to a Mennonite, and even though she hasn't been a part of a Mennonite congregation for about 20 years she still considers this a core part of her identity. I've been on the outside of this, but I have a ton of respect for their principles. But mostly I have a ton of respect for their consistent practices of peacemaking and real, serious, salt-of-the-earth community support. I, on other hand, can't even write 'salt of the earth' without sounding like I'm teasing someone, or intending it pejoratively.

SO: An Introduction to Mennonite History for me! This is a fairly academic view, but still full of fascinating tidbits. Like any protestant group that originated during the Reformation, there's a fair bit of craziness and darkness at the edges of the growing movement. But that got ironed out fairly quickly, and they turned into an amazing group of Christians.

Noted on February 14, 2017

Something I did not know: the Amish are a splinter group from the Mennonite church (named after a Joseph Amman) - they are theologically very in line with modern Mennos, and just have very different emphases in how they interpret how we should live.

Noted on February 14, 2017

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