Ex Libris Kirkland

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Illustrator Matt Kirkland
First Written 2010
Genre History
Origin US
Publisher WOWNH
ISBN-10 061535372X
ISBN-13 978-0615353722
My Copy copy from author!
First Read March 10, 2010

The Next Pope

My friend Anu's in-depth study about who the next Pope might be. He provides some serious analysis about the major candidates, and then goes into detail about how papal conclaves work and provides exhaustive stats and data about past elections and the state of the College of Cardinals.

And it just might include some blind contour drawings of mine - illustrations of Anu's papabili.

Noted on June 10, 2010

Ex Libris Kirkland is a super-self-absorbed reading journal made by Matt Kirkland. Copyright © 2001 - .
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