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Subtitle A Journey Inside the Forecast
First Written 2019
Genre Nonfiction
Origin US
Publisher Ecco
ISBN-10 0062368613
ISBN-13 978-0062368614
My Copy library copy
First Read July 07, 2019

The Weather Machine

A really interesting magazine article that got stretched out to book length. But full of interesting stuff, all the same. I really loved thinking about - but not really believing - some of the ideas here. Like, before global reporting efforts (weatherwatchers mailed postcards in, and symbols literally pinned to a map), people didn't think of weather as a global system or even something you could conceptualize from above - but only local weather patterns that just appeared, locally, and didn't have meaningful connections with like, the weather in other places. A delightful idea, but... I kind of doubt this.

Noted on July 19, 2019

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