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These Books are in the Genre: Nonfiction

Title Author Year Written


Charles C Mann 2006

Air Guitar

Dave Hickey 1997

Between the World and Me

Ta-Nehisi Coates 2015

Bitter Brew

William Knoedelseder 2014

Far From the Tree

Andrew Solomon 2012

Free to Learn

Peter Gray 2013

Hillbilly Elegy

J.D. Vance 2016

H is for Hawk

Helen McDonald 2015

How Children Learn

John Holt 1967

I am from Xinjiang on the Silk Road

Kurbanjan Samat 2015


Barbara A. Somervil 2003

Mindfulness in Plain English

Bhante Henepola Gunaratana 1991

Putin Country

Anne Garrels 2016

The Abundance

Annie Dillard 2017

The Givenness of Things

Marilynne Robinson 2015

The World of the Vikings

Richard Hall 2013


Henry David Thoreau 1854

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