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First Written 2018
Genre Fiction
Origin Japan
Publisher Knopf
ISBN-10 052552004X
My Copy library audiobook
First Read September 09, 2019

Killing Commendatore

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the discussions of painting. That was great, actually.

Noted on September 11, 2019

Characters in this book cannot have a conversation without repeating each other.

- Repeating each other?

Yes, they sound like an echoey canyon.

- You think they sound like echoes.

Yes, like a broken record. It's eye-rollingly common.

Noted on September 11, 2019

Oh man - what a slog. There's enough of Murakami's strengths here to keep me moving through this - the quiet realism of daily life, the mysterious almost magical realism. But just barely! The rest felt like a padded pastische of Murakami. The same beats: disaffected, toneless single guy whose personal life blew up. Records (some jazz, mostly classical here). Spending time in a hole in the ground. Gnomic teenage girl. Wacky spirit guide. Lots of cooking. And I enjoy those plot points pretty well, but the actual writing got so.... slow...

Noted on September 11, 2019

Yet what was time, when you got right down to it? We measured its passage with the hands of a clock for convenience’s sake. But was that appropriate? Did time really flow in such a steady and linear way? Couldn’t this be a mistaken way of thinking, an error of major proportions?

Quoted on September 11, 2019

As I gazed at my reflection I wondered, Where am I headed? Before that, though, the question was Where have I come to? Where is this place? No, before that even I needed to ask, Who the hell am I?

Quoted on September 11, 2019

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