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Subtitle How to be an Effective Board Member of a Nonprofit Organization
First Written 2015
Genre Business
Origin US
My Copy library copy
First Read December 23, 2019

Doing Good Even Better

Notes on how to be a good board member of a nonprofit. Erika just cycled off her board position at the Social Service League, and I just became the 'lead' Trustee at our church, so this is on my mind.

This is very much built for the standard nonprofit world, and not the kind of hybrid deaconate/board thing that the Trustee board is at my church. We have to get our hands dirty doing the /work/ of the church much more often, and between this team and the other leadership team, probably 50% of the families are represented.

All that said, the big takeaway that hit: we don't do a good enough job reporting out to the members in a way that a nonprofit board should. Our team relies on being filtered out thru the leader or maybe the other Steering team.

Noted on January 9, 2020

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