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Subtitle A Shark Odyssey
First Written 1997
Genre Biography
Origin US
Publisher Penguin
ISBN-10 0140274359
ISBN-13 978-0140274356
My Copy penguin paperback
First Read June 26, 2010

In the Slick of the Cricket

A series of essays about Frank Mundus, a deepwater shark fisherman and probably the source for Sam Quint's 'grizzled fisherman' character in the movie Jaws.

It's at its best when Drumm analyzes why shark fishing has become popular - taking a very Melvillian approach about the sea being a refuge for our more animal selves when the constraints of civil society become too tight - or when he lets Mundus tell a story all the way through. But those aren't common - Drumm often interrupts Mundus with backstories and asides, and generally turns a good yarn into a series of weird, half-finished, uncalled-for elliptical sub-points. And believe me, it's not the asides that bother me. I'm the guy that loves Tristram Shandy after all.

Those quibbles aside, it's full of exciting stories about catching sharks, and good high seas adventure.

Noted on July 3, 2010

Frank says he's watched his charters evolve from food fishermen to sport fishermen to fishers of hope. Not just hope they'll find fish, but hope they can attach themselves to a world with teeth, a world that literally bites back, just once before they die.

Quoted on July 3, 2010

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