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First Written 2020
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Henry Holt and Co
ISBN-10 0805096604
ISBN-13 978-0805096606
My Copy library copy
First Read June 10, 2020

The Mirror and the Light

An incredible wrap-up to the Cromwell Wolf Hall trilogy. It has the same strengths and weaknesses as the others, but still: great. I was sad to get to the end!

Noted on July 3, 2020

'Yes, he said, 'but we never do it. None of us. We have all read the sermons. We could write them ourselves. But we are vain and ambitious all the same, and we never do live quiet, because we rise in the morning and we feel the blood coursing in our veins and we think, by the Holy Trinity, whose head can I stamp on today? What worlds are at hand, for me to conquer? Or at the least we think, if God made me a crewman on his ship of fools, how can I murder the drunken captain, and steer it to port and not be wrecked?'

Quoted on July 3, 2020

The king had talked of a ceremony at midsummer. But Now there are rumours of plague and sweating sickness. It is not wise to allow crowds in the street, or pack bodies into indoor spaces. The Seymours, of course, urge the king to take the risk.

Quoted on July 3, 2020

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