Ex Libris Kirkland

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First Written 2020
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher MCD
My Copy library hardback
First Read July 04, 2020

Dead Astronauts

Whew, another set in The City, same as Borne and Strange Bird. This one is complicated, a set of twisty, interrelated stories from three astronauts who are... in a time loop? sent to destroy the Company? guided by the Blue Fox? I honestly didn't get too far in this one, I think the more shifty these get the less I am into it. I think I'll give it another try, but man: apocalypse literature is rough going in 2020.

Noted on July 21, 2020

They killed us with traps. They killed us with poisons. They killed us with snares. They killed us with guns. They killed us with knives. They strangled us. They trampled us. They tore us apart with hounds. They baited steel-jawed traps. They starved us out. They burned us alive. They withheld water. They killed all our prey. They slit our throats. They filled in our burrows. They drowned us. They trampled us under horses’ hooves. They bred us for fur and bludgeoned us to death. They kept us in cages so small with so many we burst apart. They suffocated us with poison gas. They strangled us. They put us in sacks and beat us with clubs. They cut out our tongues so we bled to death. They skinned us alive. They detonated rock and stopped our hearts all unknowing. They swung us by our tails and smashed our skulls against stones. They murdered us in each and every year. They murdered us on each and every day.

Quoted on July 22, 2020

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