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Subtitle Legends of the Condor Heroes III
Translator Anna Holmwood
First Written 1957
Genre Fiction
Origin China
Publisher MacLehose Press
ISBN-10 0857054627
ISBN-13 978-0857054623
My Copy paperback
First Read August 27, 2020

A Snake Lies Waiting

I am very into this now, I think I've finally got the rhythm of this wuxia classic. I guess I'm a slow reader, like Trollope, it takes me 500 pages to get into the flow of a new kind of writing.

But this one: amazing! This is part 3 of 4, and so the action is coming THICK. Within the first three pages, our heroes ship has started to sink, they kung-fu-karate-chopped the mast in half, and are using them as clubs to FIGHT OFF SHARKS. The kung fu just never stops, and the characters are consistently fun. Now that I'm ~1500 pages into this journey, I have learned and remembered all the characters (there are a LOT), the places are meaningful, I am INTO it.

Noted on August 28, 2020

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