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First Written 2020
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Knopf
ISBN-10 0525658475
ISBN-13 978-0525658474
My Copy library copy
First Read January 15, 2021

Via Negativa

And fun to see it cover the so many places I know - the trip runs from India thru Effingham Illinois thru several places in Kansas.

Noted on January 16, 2021

A fun road trip novel: forcibly retired priest lives in his car, forgets to shower, adopts a coyote, seeks revenge. You know the drill. No, kidding it's a fun read.

Noted on January 16, 2021

On the first night [of the 3-day gypsy wake the priest is hosting at his church], the prince pulled me aside and poured me some wine in a plastic cup. He had a cut on his cheek the same color as the wine. There was a fleck of dried blood dangling off the moon under his ear.

"I hated that old man," he said. "I'm going to miss the shit out of him."

He opened a bag of frozen peas and spooned some into his mouth. One rolled across the cafeteria table. It was still frosted and looked like a cold green planet on the edge of a tiny solar system.

"My dad hated peas, so I thought I'd stick it to him a little. Have some."

A very large man fell into the middle pool filled with cans of beer, sending a tide of icy water and Coors Lights onto the tile.

Quoted on January 21, 2021

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