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First Written 2015
Genre History
Origin US
Publisher Liverlight
ISBN-10 1631492225
ISBN-13 978-1631492228
My Copy cheap paperback
First Read May 29, 2021

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Justifiably celebrated history of ancient Rome. I definitely know more than the average person about Rome, but that's still not a lot. This was packed-full of eye-opening facts, and was the kind of non-fiction that had me constantly making 'hmm!' noises until my wife would semi-begrudgingly ask what it was I just learned. Really the best kind of historical overview.

Noted on June 10, 2021

For a start, simple as it sounds, they had no maps. What this implies for how they, or any other 'precartographic' people, conceived the world around them, or just over their horizons, is one of history's great mysteries.

Quoted on June 10, 2021

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