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Subtitle The Art and Adventure of Birding
Illustrator Ted Floyd
First Written 2019
Genre Nonfiction
Origin US
Publisher National Geographic
ISBN-13 978-1426220036
My Copy library copy
First Read May 27, 2021

How to Know the Birds

This is a charming collection of essays about birdwatching, geared towards actually instructing a beginning birder. Each topic is centered around a single bird, and there are nice drawings with each. I was sold right away because the first is called 'Spark Bird', explaining that birders can point to specific species and say 'that's the one that made me want to learn more about birds.' The illustration and details are about the Cedar Waxwing, which is for reals MY spark bird.

Noted on June 11, 2021

Better than quoting it: here's a spread to get the full picture:

spread from How to Know the Birds

Quoted on June 11, 2021

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