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First Written 1931
Genre Fiction
Origin UK
Publisher Pelligrini & Cudahy
My Copy 1st American ed.
First Read August 23, 2006

Many Dimensions

Re-reading this after Grevel's biography of Charles Williams, the whole relationship between Lord Arglay and his Secretary got much, much weirder. I still enjoyed the book, though - and think it's stil lone of the most pleasant of Williams' novels.

Noted on August 12, 2017

When the English take anything very seriously they always become a trifle delirious. People tell you that we aren’t logical, but it isn’t true. Only our logic is a logic of poetry. We are the Tom o’ Bedlam of the nations, the sceptics of the world, and we have no hope at all, or none to speak of—that is why we are always so good at adopting new ideas.

Quoted on April 18, 2019

Cecilia Sheldrake was always, everybody said, extraordinarily kind to her husband, which may have been why he committed suicide some ten years after the vanishing of the Stone.

Quoted on April 8, 2019

But Lord Arglay, at once in contact and detached, at once faithless and believing, beheld all these things in the light of that fastidious and ironical goodwill which, outside mystical experience, is the finest and noblest capacity man has developed in and against the universe.

Quoted on August 12, 2017

Would you rather be more abominable than you sound or sound more abominable than you are? The answer is I would rather be neither but I am both.

Quoted on August 12, 2017

I do not know what he meant, 'Arglay answered, 'though certainly the way to any end is in that end itself. For you cannot know any study but by learning it, or gain any virtue but by practicing it, so you cannot be anything but by becoming it. And that sounds obvious enough, doesn't it?'

Quoted on July 20, 2010

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