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First Written 2020
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Del Rey
ISBN-10 0593135059
ISBN-13 978-0593135051
My Copy library copy
First Read December 22, 2021

The Space Between Worlds

I think I picked this up because it was on some best-of list for 2020. It was fine. A great sci-fi premise: travel between parallel universes is possible, but only if the universe is very similar to ours. And also, if you travel to a parallel universe where the other you alive, you'll die. So the only people who can really travel are people who live marginal lives - where they are more likely to die as children in most other worlds. But the story couldn't deliver, and definitely fell apart by the third act. The third act was also kicked off by an incredibly obvious plot hole, and I just don't know why an editor didn't help that part out!

Feels like it could be a framework for a rambly TV series though, something Orphan Black-like.

Noted on December 28, 2021

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