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Subtitle LitenVerse 1
First Written 2020
Genre Scifi
Origin US
Publisher Tordotcom
ISBN-10 1250245737
ISBN-13 978-1250245731
My Copy cheap library paperback
First Read February 10, 2022


A fluffy adventure novella about an inter dimensional IKEA. Or rather, an IKEA that has wormholes that connect it to a bunch of other universes. I commented at first that it reads like a screenplay - really just begging for a SyFy channel adaptation or something rather than at text - but in the end I saw that it was literally started as a screenplay, and then adapted into novella format! Also interesting was that the author wrote it at the University of Kansas, about a quarter mile from where I was sitting while I read it.

Noted on February 17, 2022

The whole first 20% of this was an extreme bout of deja vu - I just knew I'd read something like this, and only later figured out it was Horrorstor, which is ALSO a scifi adventure set in an inter-dimensional IKEA knockoff.

Noted on February 17, 2022

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