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First Written 2016
Genre Fiction
Origin US
Publisher Penguin
ISBN-10 0143110438
My Copy library audiobook
First Read August 26, 2023

A Gentleman in Moscow

And this was really excellent. I loved the episodic nature of it, I was very into the writing style. Totally charmed. I want to read more by this guy, but his other two novels are also things I'd dismiss by their covers - a 20's flapper novel? Bleh. A 50s road trip story about poor people in the south? My least favorite. So, I think I'll still try one of those but I'm going against inclination here. Which should communicate something about how much I liked this!

Noted on August 29, 2023

I had dismissed this from the bestseller shelf due to its exceedingly chick-lit cover. Then Erika suggested it as an audiobook for a long road trip, and I was pretty into it! She immediately fell asleep, but I am 100% here for a rambly aristocrat who is outclassing a bunch of Communists in the opening chapters.

Noted on August 29, 2023

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