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First Written 2010
Genre Fiction
Origin Ireland
Publisher Penguin
ISBN-10 0143119494
My Copy library audiobook, with a very convincing Irish accent
First Read April 11, 2024

Faithful Place

This is a gritty police detective murder mystery, which is very much not a genre I enjoy. The author is CLEARLY really skilled, and her writing is great. But it can't transcend the bland CSI-ness of a copy show for me, and ultimately I just set it down and didn't finish the last 10%. I don't even know whodunnit!

In its favor, it's a compelling portrait of modern-day and 80s-era Dublin. And the audiobook narrator is pretty amazing with the different shades of Irish accent! There's so much slang or colloquialism, I don't know how it would have read on the page.

Noted on April 25, 2024

Picked this up on audio because I was doing some solo travel, and I like to have a little audiobook ready in my pocket for the miscellaneous waiting in line that happens in airports - and to take the edge off the loneliness of business travel. E loves Tana French, and I see why - but it's still firmly not my cup of tea.

Noted on April 25, 2024

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