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First Written 1990
Genre Nonfiction
Origin Japan
Publisher Charles E. Tuttle Company
ISBN-10 0804816549
ISBN-13 978-0804816540
My Copy paperback
First Read July 05, 2024

Writing Systems of the World

What a cool resource. Robin Sloan mentioned this as part of his journey making the Wizard Language for his new book, and I've wanted to have an overview of different writing systems. It's really straightforward, and has good visual examples. Just a spread or two on each kind of language family, with some explanatory notes and examples from newspapers, advertisements, etc. It's the kind of thing that's absolutely not NEEDED as a book - we have the entire internet now - but is such a good desk reference in book form. And fun, as someone who likes weird type.

Noted on July 9, 2024

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