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Subtitle Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Age of Discovery
First Written 1995
Genre History
Publisher Oxford University Press
ISBN-10 0195102835
ISBN-13 978-0195102833
My Copy library hardback
First Read December 28, 2008

Cultures in Conflict

Why, then, did the peoples of Europe embark on this vast expansion and, by means of conquest, conversion, and colonization, attempt to create a Eurocentric world? Was it, as some believe, because of some deep-seated, perhaps hereditary vice--some profound moral flaw? The question is unanswerable because it is wrongly posed. In setting out to conquer, subjugate, and despoil other peoples, the Europeans were merely following the example set them by their neighbors and predecessors and, indeed, conforming to the common practice of mankind. . . The interesting questions are not why they tried, but why they succeeded and why, having succeeded, they repented of their success as a sin. The success was unique in modern times; the repentance, in all of recorded history.

Quoted on September 29, 2011

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