Ex Libris Kirkland

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Translator Jay Rubin
First Written 2006
Genre Fiction
Origin Japan
Publisher Vintage
ISBN-10 1400096081
ISBN-13 978-1400096084
My Copy library paperback
First Read November 07, 2007

Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Sounds good: simple and practical. Mind if I write it down in my notebook?

Of course not. But you mean to say you can't remember that much?

Nah, I'm like a chicken: three steps, and my mind's a blank. So I write everything down. I heard Einstein used to do that.

Oh sure, Einstein.

I don't mind being forgetful, he said, 'It's actually forgetting stuff that I don't like.

Quoted on October 4, 2011

Ex Libris Kirkland is a super-self-absorbed reading journal made by Matt Kirkland. Copyright © 2001 - .
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