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First Written 2007
Genre Nonfiction
Origin UK
Publisher Penguin
My Copy library copy
First Read September 12, 2023

The Wild Places

More lyrical outdoor travel stuff from Macfarlane. It's very cozy reading, both something that's fun to read while sitting comfortably on my ass, and also makes me want to spend the night outdoors on an icy moor.

Noted on September 12, 2023

On the north-western coasts of Britain and Ireland, the air has a remarkable transparency, for it is almost free of particulate matter. Little loose dust rises from the wet land, and the winds blow prevailingly off the sea. Through such air, photons can proceed without obstacle. The light moves, unscattered, and falls upon the forms and objects of those regions with candour. Standing within such a light, you feel thankful for its openness. There is a sense of something having been freely given, without its store having been diminished.

Quoted on September 13, 2023

Fifteenth-century mapmakers developed the concept of the 'isolarion: the type of map that describes specific areasin detail, but does not provide a clarifying overview of how these places are related to one another.

Quoted on September 12, 2023

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